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Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
weeks of each other. i follow that with allen ginsberg, james baldwin, christopher isherwood, tennessee williams was also working at this time too, this is like the first wave, and they caught a lot of grief for what they wrote. right after world war ii, homosexuality was illegal in all 48 states. you couldn't talk openly as a gay person. but you could write fiction about it and say i'm not writing about myself, i'm writing about these other people who are fictional. everybody saw through this white lie and understood what was going on. but they caught a little use from critics about it. the critics couldn't say, oh, you're clearly a homosexual, that would've been liable at this time. they found other ways to kind of complaint and attack and criticize. this first-generation caught a lot of great remark so how explicit are open could a james baldwin be or a christian be? >> they were initially very open. the second novel, giovanni's room, is about -- it's about two white men in paris, one of the great black american writers. before his second novel, he wrote about his own sexuality, but
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
isherwood. in but otherwise, it was always alluded to in directly. i think more and more writersgon would say that i am a gay writer ben had been before. that major, american gay writert in major writer altogether, he would avoid that until heble a published his memoirs in 1972 he? >> there is a subplot of a , atleman who is 1972 was a greatn year. he got a lot of reviews, too. and after that, truman capote avoided the subject. he used the christopher isherwood ploy of leaving his sexuality going. later on, readers can go back and fill in the blanks. but after getting kicked in the teeth for other voices, other rooms, he avoided that subject. although, when he appeared on television, this is a gay man ni and he never had that. he never tried to put it up. . it was very flamboyant and he knew he was area and it had been appealed to him.itched vwe wan who is this strange man with a high-pitched voice that we want to listen to.t? >> host: was anyone surprised when tennessee williams came out?writer had >> guest: nobody was surprised. one writer said we knew he was an elk club father of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)